Family Tree, YOU PRINT, Poster Template, Ancestry Gift, 16x20 Genealogy Chart - FT066 Vintage Crest


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This is a Mr. and Mrs. double family tree poster and template. This set is color coordinated by family grouping, and labeled for the generations. The crest in the center can be used for Husband and Wife, or use the Heraldry Crest and put names at the bottom. There are 3 poster options to choose from, and templates to practice typesetting or printing. There is a black mask option for digital scrapbookers that have photo editing software to clip photo's to, and still leave room for a small font. There are so many ways to customize this set to your skill set or tools at hand. This series is updated to include Photoshop styles and PSD text files for Photoshop users.

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ YOU WILL RECEIVE ★ ::::::::::::::::::::

❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart with "Our Family Ancestry" title, and Mr. & Mrs. in the banner.
❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart without title, with blank banner.
❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart with Heraldry Lion in Crest, and "Our Family Ancestry" title, and Mr. & Mrs. in the banner.
❤ 1: Photoshop PSD Text layers document for Photoshop users.
❤ 3: PNG elements on transparent background.

❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart textured, colored boxes PNG file for customizing own background/chart.
❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart Black and White transparent PNG file for Clipping Mask or tracing.
❤ 1: 1: 16x20.jpg outlined boxes for practicing filling in boxes.

★★★ Vintage Crest Family Collection ★★★

❤ 16x20 double Pedigree Poster:
❤ 3 Gen Pedigree 8.5x11:
❤ 31 page Family Work Book
❤ Daily Do Cards - organize:

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ REQUIRES ★ ::::::::::::::::::::

❤ Computer and active email address.
❤ USB/Thumb drive/SD card.
❤ Professional Print Service such as Staples. Borderless prints may cost extra.
❤ Archival Pen for hand writing in family information.


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RESULTS WILL VARY, you might need to tweak settings, or ask a professional.

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