Mr. & Mrs. 5 Generation - YOU PRINT -PEDIGREE chart, 16x20 - ancestry, printable, records, Family Organizer - FT066 Vintage Crest Series


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This is a Mr. and Mrs. double family tree set, color coordinated by family grouping, and labeled for the generations. The crest in the center can be used for Husband and Wife, or use the Heraldry Crest and put names at the bottom. There are 3 poster options to choose from, and templates to practice typesetting or printing. There is a black mask option for digital scrapbookers that have photo editing software to clip photo's to, and still leave room for a small font. There are so many ways to customize this set to your skill set or tools at hand. There is an optional TEXT ONLY upgrade, listed separately.

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❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart with "Our Family Ancestry" title, and Mr. & Mrs. in the banner.
❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart without title, with blank banner.
❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart with Heraldry Lion in Crest, and "Our Family Ancestry" title, and Mr. & Mrs. in the banner.

❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart textured, colored boxes PNG file for customizing own background/chart.
❤ 1: 16x20.jpg pedigree chart Black and White transparent PNG file for Clipping Mask or tracing.
❤ 1: 1: 16x20.jpg outlined boxes for practicing filling in boxes.

★ Vintage Crest Family Series ★

❤ 16x20 double Pedigree Poster:
❤ 3 Gen Pedigree 8.5x11:
❤ 31 page Family Work Book
❤ Daily Do Cards - organize:

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★ Higher Resolution Posters are available on request.
★ Labels, watermarks, and drop shadows will not appear on sent file.
★ 300 dpi high quality, suitable for printing.
★ adobe RGB color printing profile.

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You can use my designs in your art and craft projects and display in public forums, crediting
You may print as many as you like for gifts to friends and family.
You may not print and/or resell my work as your own product.
You may not mass produce any of my designs for commercial sale or use.
You may print my designs as many times as you desire.
You may not use any part, or whole sheet, to use in your own designs to sell or distribute.
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★ After Purchase, follow links and download zip files.
1) DOWNLOAD files and Save.
★ Follow cloud LINK to download additional oversized materials.
2) UNZIP using free unzipping software or WinZip.
3) SELECT DOCUMENT, several options might be available.
★ Black or outline Templates are for practice, or placement guides.
4) OPEN IN EDITING software such as PhotoShop, Elements, or Premiere, PicMonkey (free trial), GIMP (Free), Paint.Net, or PaintShopPro. Word is an option, but text styles are unusable.
5) IMPORT image and Place the TYPE TOOL over the boxes, and type using the matching fonts.
Use the styles to coordinate, if available. The styles are in a cloud account, access by password only.
6) CUSTOMIZE – There are multiple options included in your download for customizing your tree. You can change the title, add your own name, remove the background and leave only the tree, and crest or no crest options. Just select whichever you prefer.
★ Each design line will have options for customizing, which if not already listed, can be requested as needed with the press of the CONVO button.
7) SAVE or flatten image; save as a .JPG.
8) UPLOAD to print site: Costco, Mixbook, Zazzle, Shutterfly, or Snapfish.
Or…BRICK & MORTAR: Costco, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Shipping/Printing stores.
9) FRAMING…Select white edge, or ask printer for a border, or graphics will be hidden behind the frame.
★ Adhering to poster board would look lovely because every design has its own graphic frame.
:::::::::::::::::::: ★ PRINTING ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
Large format printing can run as high as $20, but Costco is $6.99 for 16x20 luster photo paper.
★★ The colors on your monitor may not match the final print. I found Office Max oversized printing to be the most accurate to my own monitor and print settings.
RESULTS WILL VARY, you might need to tweak settings, or ask a professional.
★ This is a 16x20 layered or flat photo document that can be typed over for a CUSTOM FAMILY TREE, using photo editing software that accepts PSD files. JPG and PNG files ONLY, no PDF.

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