Family Tree Workbook, YOU PRINT, Genealogy Forms, Ancestry Gift, 88 page Ancestry Scrapbook, 8.5x11 Family Organizer FT03 Vintage Crest


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88 JPG pages - 8.5x11 and PDF with bonus files for Photoshop and Digital Scrapbooking.

❤ Expand as your family grows
❤ Index and Cross Reference your family members
❤ 1 Family Member PDF - 78 pages
❤ 1 Workbook PDF 45 pages
❤ 2 practice sheets to gather information
❤ Endless ways to customize your family tree
There are so many tools and products out there, but mine is meant to take the information you have collected, and put it into a pretty workbook that you can use your own creativity to publish and showcase. Traditional Scrapbooking, or simple journaling, whatever your skill set is, I know there is something in here for you. The intended purpose is to hand write your information, but if you have photo editing software, you can place type anywhere needed. But keep in mind that the next generation will truly appreciate that you scribbled it out for them, flawed and imperfect, it will be a genuine gift of love.

Any 3 ring binder will do for this project. You have a cover page that you personalize and insert in the front sleeve. A table of contents designed to grow as your unique family requires. At a Glance sheet helps with member birthdays, and numerous places to index page numbers for cross reference to other family charts or pedigrees focused on that family unit. There are two Ready Pages for your 5x7, or 4x6 photo's, but keep in mind scaling sizes during the print process, so you may need to crop.

You can make your binder as large as you like. There is an interview form so you can interview or pass out documents for family to fill in the details. Print as many, or as few as you need. For a finished project, I highly recommend a professional print to edge, on high quality card, or cover stock. Trimming also works!

This project is designed for the smaller family unit and only goes back 2xGreat Grandparents, but you can create your own custom pages if you have access to a layer based editing software. The instant download will be 2 PDF's that will go straight to your inbox. The first page is my thank you, followed by the download link. The second PDF is what to do when you get there. You may save these to your hard drive and print them as many times as you like.

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ YOU WILL RECEIVE ★ ::::::::::::::::::::

A bonus for Photoshop Users:
★ Custom Cover page with Text layers
★ Custom Banner with text field
★ Photoshop .asl Text Style
★ Photo Mats and Elements on transparency (PNGs)

1. Father Vitals
2. Father Lined
3. Father Blank
4. Grandfather Vitals
5. Grandfather Lined
6. Grandfather Blank
7. G Grandfather Vitals
8. G Grandfather Lined
9. G Grandfather Blank
10. GG Grandfather Vitals
11. GG Grandfather Lined
12. GG Grandfather Blank
13. Husband Vitals
14. Husband Lined
15. Husband Blank
16. Brother Vitals
17. Brother Lined
18. Brother Blank
19. Uncle Vitals
20. Uncle Lined
21. Uncle Blank
22. Nephew Vitals
23. Nephew Lined
24. Nephew Blank
25. Mother Vitals
26. Mother Lined
27. Mother Blank
28. Grandmother Vitals
29. Grandmother Lined
30. Grandmother Blank
31. G Grandmother Vitals
32. G Grandmother Lined
33. G Grandmother Blank
34. GG Grandmother Vitals
35. GG Grandmother Lined
36. GG Grandmother Blank
37. Wife Vitals
38. Wife Lined
39. Wife Blank
40. Sister Vitals
41. Sister Lined
42. Sister Blank
43. Aunt Vitals
44. Aunt Lined
45. Aunt Blank
46. Niece Vitals
47. Niece Lined
48. Niece Blank
49. Cousin Vitals
50. Cousin Lined
51. Cousin Blank
52. Child Vitals
53. Child Lined
54. Child Blank
55. Grandchild Vitals
56. Grandchild Lined
57. Grandchild Blank
58. Myself Vitals
59. Myself Lined
60. Myself Blank
61. Adopted Vitals
62. Adopted Lined
63. Adopted Blank
64. Family Legacy Vitals
65. Family Legacy Lined
66. Family Legacy Blank
67. Generic Vitals
68. Generic Lined
69. Generic Blank
70. Stationery Blank
71. Stationery Lined
72. Stationery Blank
73. Stationery Lined
74. Cover Page
75. Table of Contents
76. 3 Generation Pedigree
77. 4 photo pages
78. 3 Generation Pedigree
79. 4 Generation Pedigree
80. At a Glance
81. Notes
82. Their Story
83. Interview
84. 3 Generation Pedigree
85. Photo Pages
86. Photo Pages
87. Photo Pages
88. Photo Pages

★ Vintage Crest Family Series ★

❤ 16x20 double Pedigree Poster:
❤ 3 Gen Pedigree 8.5x11:
❤ 88 page Family Work Book

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ REQUIRES ★ ::::::::::::::::::::

❤ Computer and active email address.
❤ USB/Thumb drive/SD card.
❤ Professional Print Service such as Staples. Borderless prints may cost extra.
❤ Archival Pen for hand writing in family information.


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★ PDF's have been created for your convenience.
★ Labels, watermarks, and drop shadows will not appear on sent file.
★ 300 dpi high quality, suitable for printing.
★ adobe RGB color printing profile.

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:::::::::::::::::::: ★ PERSONAL USE ONLY ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
You can use my designs in your art and craft projects and display in public forums, crediting
You may print as many as you like for gifts to friends and family.
You may not print and/or resell my work as your own product.
You may not mass produce any of my designs for commercial sale or use.
You may print my designs as many times as you desire.
You may not use any part, or whole sheet, to use in your own designs to sell or distribute.

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ PRINTING ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
★★ The colors on your monitor may not match the final print. I found Office Max oversized printing to be the most accurate to my own monitor and print settings.
RESULTS WILL VARY, you might need to tweak settings, or ask a professional. nal.

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What can I say but if I can give this seller 10 STARS, I would. Not only is there a plethora of pages to work from but the owner responded to my queries and helped me with my family tree project. A ‘recommended buy’ without a doubt! Wish all sellers were like her.

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