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BUNDLE package includes unique pages with rich formatting at 8.5x11 Format for easy printing: Updated preview images coming soon!

❤ Expand as your family grows
❤ PDF included for Mac users, with compressed PDF option for device users.
❤ Index and Cross Reference your family members
❤ File Tab Printable for your binders
❤ Bookmark Tags for Journaling and Notes - preview coming soon
❤ Photoshop styles files to customize as a bonus add on OPTIONAL download option for *Photoshop users* - no preview available
❤ Photoshop PNG files on transparent background to customize as a bonus add on OPTIONAL download option for digital scrapbookers - preview coming soon
❤ Bonus quick and easy photo page layouts to place your pictures on - preview coming soon
❤ Additional 11x17 split 3 Generation Pedigree chart - preview coming soon
❤ Included is the Original design; 11x17 double page format - great for family booklets

There are several new designs not available in any of the other workbook packages. We have the addition of Collateral forms, Family Group Sheets, and Timelines for over 3 centuries…if you can go back further, let me know! There are several small charts for the visual benefit of smaller groups. Also new - more photo pages and different sizes, tags for bookmarking stories, and family tab members to print and cut out for your binders. There is one 11x17” timeline poster that requires a large format printer, it was to fun not to include!

There are so many tools and products out there, but mine is meant to take the information you have collected, and put it into a pretty workbook that you can use your own creativity to publish and showcase. Traditional Scrapbooking, or simple journaling, whatever your skill set is, I know there is something in here for you. The intended purpose is to hand write your information, but if you have photo editing software, you can place type anywhere needed. But keep in mind that the next generation will truly appreciate that you scribbled it out for them, flawed and imperfect, it will be a genuine gift of love.

Any 3 ring binder will do for this project. You have a cover page that you personalize and insert in the front sleeve. A table of contents designed to grow as your unique family requires. You can make your binder as large as you like. There is an interview form so you can interview or pass out documents for family to fill in the details. Print as many, or as few as you need. For a finished project, I highly recommend a professional print to edge, on high quality card, or cover stock. Trimming also works!

If your family is bigger than I anticipated, let me know what you need to make your set perfect. :D

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1 Instant Access DOWNLOAD LINK to offsite Dropbox (no subscription required for downloads) folder containing:

Cover Page Single
Table of Contents Page 1
Table of Contents Page 2
Table of Contents Page 3
Table of Contents Page 4
Vital Records Generic
Pedigree Crest
Photo Page
Military Service Single
The Story Page
Photo Page
Descended From Single
Pedigree Maternal
Pedigree Paternal
Collateral Lineage Short
Direct Lineage Single
Direct Descendants Page
Direct Descendants Page
Family Group Six
Family Group Eight
Family Group Page 2
Family Group Page 1
Group Sheet Maternal Page 2
Group Sheet Paternal Page 1
Pedigree Gen Page 1
Pedigree Gen Page 2
Timeline 18th Page 1
Timeline 18th Page 2
Timeline 19th Page 3
Timeline 19th Page 4
Timeline 20th Page 5
Timeline 20th Page 6
Timeline 21st Page 7
Timeline Graph Page 8
Index Page 1
Index Page 2
Back Cover Single
Father Photo
Father Story
Father Vitals
Father Descending
Mother Photo
Mother Vitals
Mother Remembering
Mother Descending
Grandfather Vitals
Grandfather Photo
Grandfather Story
Grandfather Descending
Grandmother Vitals
Grandmother Photo
Grandmother Remembering
Grandmother Descending
G Grandfather Vitals
G Grandfather Photo
G Grandfather Remembering
G Grandfather Descending
G Grandmother Vitals
G Grandmother Photo
G Grandmother Remembering
G Grandmother Descending
GG Grandfather Vitals
GG Grandfather Photo
GG Grandfather Remembering
GG Grandfather Descending
GG Grandmother Vitals
GG Grandmother Photo
GG Grandmother Remembering
GG Grandmother Descending
GGG Grandfather Vitals
GGG Grandfather Photo
GGG Grandfather Remembering
GGG Grandfather Descending
GGG Grandmother Vitals
GGG Grandmother Photo
GGG Grandmother Remembering
GGG Grandmother Descending
Husband Vitals
Husband Photo
Husband Remembering
Husband Descending
Wife Vitals
Wife Photo
Wife Remembering
Wife Descending
Son Vitals
Son Photo
Son Remembering
Daughter Vitals
Daughter Photo
Daughter Remembering
Brother Vitals
Brother Photo
Brother Remembering
Brother Descending
Sister Vitals
Sister Photo
Sister Remembering
Sister Descending
Uncle Vitals
Uncle Photo
Uncle Remembering
Uncle Descending
Aunt Vitals
Aunt Photo
Aunt Remembering
Aunt Descending
Nephew Vitals
Nephew Photo
Nephew Remembering
Nephew Descending
Niece Vitals
Niece Photo
Niece Remembering
Niece Descending
Cousin Vitals
Cousin Photo
Cousin Remembering
Cousin Descending
Child Vitals
Child Photo
Child Remembering
Child Descending
Grandchild Vitals
Grandchild Photo
Grandchild Remembering
Myself Vitals
Myself Photo
Myself Remembering
Myself Descending
Family Legacy Vitals
Family Legacy Photo
Family Legacy Remembering
Family Descending
Ancestor Vitals
Ancestor Photo
Ancestor Remembering
Ancestor Descending
Generic Vitals
Generic Photo
Generic Photo
Generic Remembering
Generic Descending
Generic Remembering
Family Time Photo 5x7
Family Time Photo 5x7
Family Time Photo 5x7
Family Time Photo 8x10
Family Time Photo
Family Time Photo
Family Time Photo


★ Family Time Ancestry Workbook Series Coordinating Items ★

••• FT137 Backgrounds 8.5x11 watercolor:
••• FT138 Backgrounds 8.5x11 faded:
••• FT139 Backgrounds 12x12 watercolor:
••• FT140 Backgrounds 12x12 faded clocks:
••• FT141 Backgrounds 12x12 patina clocks:
••• FT142 Backgrounds 12x12 grunge clocks:

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★ PDF download will contain link and password to download files.
★ Labels, watermarks, and drop shadows will not appear on sent file.
★ 300 dpi high quality, suitable for printing.
★ adobe RGB color printing profile.

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You may print as many as you like for gifts to friends and family.
You may not print and/or resell my work as your own product.
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You may print my designs as many times as you desire.
You may not use any part, or whole sheet, to use in your own designs to sell or distribute.
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★★ The colors on your monitor may not match the final print. I found Office Max oversized printing to be the most accurate to my own monitor and print settings.
RESULTS WILL VARY, you might need to tweak settings, or ask a professional.

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Pages are nice but, not being able to use them outside of perosnal use puts a damper. They come in many different files all over the place, instead of just one. As a business owner I was looking for unique stanotionary for my business. I inquired to use the product for my business and was willing to pay but never recived a response in months. While a product is nice if a company does not have customer service it is a no for most.

Love it! Can't wait to play with these!

Very beautiful! Can't wait 2 start filling it out. Pepper was very helpful and was able 2 send it 2 me via jpg. Downloaded easily. Thanks Pepper

This family tree package is perfect for making a nice book. There are lots of places for important information and the design is so pretty.

These pages are gorgeous and so helpful for the genealogists! I had trouble with my computer downloading them and Pepper was so kind and patient. She never gave up and when it finally downloaded, we were both so happy! She's a jewel and her art is really gorgeous!!

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