Family Tree Chart, 6 Generation Pedigree, YOU PRINT, 22x28, Genealogy Gift, Ancestry Poster, Family Records, Photoshop layers- FT135


Instant Digital Download

This is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRODUCT. No physical product will be sent.
This 22x28 inch (poster size) pedigree chart has a multitude of options for showcasing your family ancestry on your wall. This one is unique in the way that you have to think about your member placement and how you want it to flow through. It can be 6 to 9 generations depending on how you flow through the boxes. If you don't like the flow I have structured, you can use the alternate poster option and draw in your own lines.

You can print this as many times as you need, so practice on a rough draft before you print your final version, or you can use the optional Photoshop Layers in the download link that you will receive immediately after your payment is processed. Once Etsy processes your payment you will receive an email with a download button, in that download there will be a link to a cloud account where several poster options will be available to download and save to your computer. You can email it to a printer or customize it in your editing software and then send it to a print service. The graphics have a great deal of depth, so you will want the finest print quality available, so the shadows pop off the page and give your heritage a rich dimensional appearance.

The inspiration for most of my workbooks is from the ornately carved family trees of the age before printers. The elegantly written cursive or calligraphy is the spirit of this design so that you can pass a copy to each generation. It is not intended to be neat and tidy, but in the same spirit as record keeping in the family Bible, of by gone generations. An alcohol ink pen will be best suited for photo prints as the ink dries immediately and is archival.

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ REQUIRES ★ ::::::::::::::::::::

❤ Computer and active email address.
❤ USB/Thumb drive/SD card.
❤ Professional Print Service such as Staples.
❤ Archival Pen for hand writing in family information.
❤ Personal Use Font: Broadsheet installed on your computer, or substitute with a different typeset.
❤  OPTIONAL: Layer Editing program for text fields such as Photoshop or Elements.

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ YOU WILL RECEIVE ★ ::::::::::::::::::::

★ 1 DOWNLOAD LINK to a cloud folder containing your items.
★ 4 Poster variations to download and save.
★★ 1 layered PSD file with editable text options - Complimentary add-on for PHOTOSHOP USERS.


★ Family Time Ancestry Workbook Series Coordinating Items ★

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••• FT137 Backgrounds 8.5x11 watercolor:
••• FT138 Backgrounds 8.5x11 faded:
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••• FT140 Backgrounds 12x12 faded clocks:
••• FT141 Backgrounds 12x12 patina clocks:
••• FT142 Backgrounds 12x12 grunge clocks:

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ TECHNICAL ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
★ Labels, watermarks, and drop shadows will not appear on sent file.
★ 300 dpi high quality, suitable for printing.

:::::::::::::::::::: ★ FIND ME ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: ★ PERSONAL USE ONLY ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
You may not use any part, or whole sheet, to use in your own designs to sell or distribute.
You can use my designs in your art and craft projects and display in public forums, crediting
You may print as many as you like for gifts to friends and family.
You may not print and/or resell my work as your own product.
You may not mass produce any of my designs for commercial sale or use.
:::::::::::::::::::: ★ PRINTING ★ ::::::::::::::::::::
★★ The colors on your monitor may not match the final print. I found Office Max for oversized printing, to be the most accurate to my own monitor settings.
★★ RESULTS WILL VARY, you might need to tweak printer settings, use an alternate paper, or use a professional print service.
★★ I use an Epson XP 15000 with Hammermill Premium Color Copy, cover paper 80lb for my test prints.
★★ Embedded color profile used is sRGB IEC61966-2.1
★★ Select: printer chooses color, highest quality option, for best results.

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