Family Tree Chart, 5 Generation Pedigree, YOU PRINT, 16x20, Genealogy Gift, Ancestry Poster, Family Records, Photoshop layers- FT109


Instant Digital Download

This is a vintage style Family Tree on old burned and tattered parchment paper. There are 5 generations pre-formatted for use in Photoshop. ★★★PHOTOSHOP IS REQUIRED★★★ Requires Knowledge of: Layers, Smart Objects, Text Fields, File Management. If you have access to a layered file editing system, this will excite you! I have arranged the banners individually with smart objects to open in a new temporary document to allow you to turn on and edit text to fit the space, and then save it. Your main document will update with the new information. Because of the way this is layered, you can easily manipulate the poster to any size you prefer. This is currently set to 16x20 inches, but you can edit to your hearts desire. I have made a great deal of effort to make this is as user friendly to every skill level I can think of. If you are in need of further training, there are great YouTube videos - search for Smart Objects. If you have trouble accessing these files, please alert me immediately so I can promptly resolve any difficulties.


An Instant downloaded PDF with instructions to a Cloud account where you will download the files:

❤ 1 PSD layered file with background and pre formatted banners with text. - 602.59 MB

Optional Use files:

❤ 1 - 16x20 .JPG & PDF- 5 Generation poster with titled banner - 22.86 MB
❤ 1 - 16x20 .JPG & PDF- 5 Generation poster with blank banner - 23.39 MB
❤ 1 - 16x20 .PNG - Tree on transparent layer- 25.46 MB
❤ 1 - 16x20 .PNG - 5 Generations of Banners on transparent layer - 10.12 MB
❤ 1 - 16x20 .PNG - 5 Generations of Banners/Tree on transparent layer - 27.42 MB
❤ 1 - 16x20 .JPG - Torn and Burned Parchment Paper background - 10.12 MB

This is an OVERSIZED DOCUMENT ★★★ requires a computer ★★★. Can be viewed in any image viewing program that accepts JPG, PDF, and/or PSD files.

❤ Once printed, this chart can be stored in a tube, or can be tied with ribbon and placed on a shelf or can be custom framed and used as a gift. A fun creation would be to tatter the edges with sandpaper and then rub the frayed edges through a puddle of coffee or tea to make it look hundreds of years old. You can also dip your fingers in the tea and sprinkle it randomly throughout.

❤ For oversized Pedigree Posters: I recommend doing a scaled test print at home by going to PRINT | Print Settings: “8.5x11” or other printable size | Slide document bounds to the desired test section | Select: “Print Selected Area” | Print. You can use this method to practice your handwriting or visibility of your text layers.


❤ COMPUTER REQUIRED, but a device will work with the PDF options.
❤ Active email address.
❤ USB/Thumb drive/SD card Optional.
❤ Professional Print Service such as Staples or Printfy.
❤ Archival Pen for hand writing in family information if not using a computer.
❤ American Scribe Font loaded, or a replacement of your choosing.


★ Labels, watermarks, and drop shadows will not appear on sent file.
★ 300 dpi high quality, suitable for printing.
★ adobe RGB color printing profile.

★★ I am available ★★

Message me via ** Etsy Messages ** if you have any trouble!

You can use my designs in your art and craft projects and display in public forums, crediting
You may print as many as you like for gifts to friends and family.
You may not print and/or resell my work as your own product.
You may not mass produce any of my designs for commercial sale or use.
You may print my designs as many times as you desire.
You may not use any part, or whole sheet, to use in your own designs to sell or distribute.
★★ The colors on your monitor may not match the final print. I found Office Max oversized printing to be the most accurate to my own monitor and print settings.
RESULTS WILL VARY, you might need to tweak settings, or ask a professional.

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