I have been working on the Underwater Nemus for a couple of years, steadily adding new elements as I go along. I created a series of mesmerizing paintings a few years ago, from which I crafted an entire world out of, by changing the colors and resizing it. I printed out about 14 brilliant colors, from lime green and yellow for tropical fish, pink and purple hues for octopus and crab, and a nice variety of different shades of earthy green for the seawead. I have a very healthy die cut collection, and I just position the strokes in the rigth direction for a realism that stuns me. The coral is a different painting all together, and that was resized as well, and colored in different shades of pink and purple for the seahorses and coral.  I don't know where I came up with Nemus, but it came to my mind, and I can't shake it, so now all of my underwater work is "Nemus".  

After I settle into my new studio, I will probably cut, paint, and sell, the hard craft items in a different store all together. Meanwhile, I am having a great time converting it all into digital elements.  Although, these individual pieces might be popular as digital elements. 

Record it today! ~ Pepper