It's a cold and dreary day, the kind of day you want to bundle up and binge watch Netflix, but instead, I am working on some fun and fabulous generic 6x4 calendar cards for scrapbooking. I just love these so much. These won't be the metal effects I have been making a lot of, but more traditional in the aged paper variety. I am already way out of control, I have lined cards, flourish designs, and now I have cog and clock borders, which leaves no room for journal lines. They are predated from 2016 to 2032, so they won't be useless any time soon!  They are generic, so the numbers and days don't line up, you just circle the days and years of your event and jot a little note. I love them so much and they mat nicely with whatever your scheme is. This is a snapshot of my computer monitor. I just finished the layout, now comes the really fun part. I think I can get 4 or 5 unique designs out of these.