As I was well underway to finish up my next workbook, I decided to go an entirely different route. I make every effort to make each workbook unique, in case you might want to go with two designs, you would have a different surprise in each download. This book is getting so big, I don't even know how I will package it up for an Etsy download. In it's current form, it is designed as a letter sized booklet that you fold in half and stuff as many pages in as neccessary, and each book is your members title, which is also on 4 different pages. But then I had to go and get real fancy about it, and started breaking down the booklet idea into letter size pages. I love the member titles, such as Father or Grandfather at the top of the page. When I am flipping pages, I want to see my relation right on the top. I desperately want to keep that concept! I will continue to follow my muse and see what we get when my inspriation comes crashing back to Earth. In the meantime, while you anxiously await my next release and what I am going to to your paper, I just want you to know that it is really amazing. I get to say that, because after all, I have a MUSE...  :D