I am working hard on the next workbook release. I removed my first workbook, which was the foundation of what I now focus most of my energy on, and have recreated it into something that I think everyone will enjoy. It is a NEW concept, compared to the original series. They take weeks to fine tune. I have to make all the backgrounds and frames, then combine those into at least a dozen different variations, and in every concievable size. Then I pick a font, and build a mood, from which I construct the form. Then there are the extras, such as frames, photo mats and pages, and this new kit will have something that I am keeping super secret.. shhh!! It will be FANTASTIC! I am giddy with delight, if only you could see the test runs scattered across my desk! I am so excited, but it may take  2 more weeks, and then I still need to run a quality control print, which I take the the printer to ensure the process is as user friendly as possible. The good news is that the foundation is complete, but the rest is incredibly tedious attention to detail, and as always... second guessing my concept. My new studio has power and it is half insulated, but I still cannot move my furniture in so I am unable to create a hands on example. 

Thank you for checking in, and don't forget...record it today!

Many HUGS.. Pepper