The theme is "Time", as in don't waste any more time and record your family. I am yet to name it, but this next workbook set is so grand and it is nearly complete! All new ideas and charts and forms. So far, I have 98+ pages, plus they are also in 11x17, double page to fold over for a booklet, format. I won't be listing the double pages for a while. I did a lot of research on the Direct Descendants, Collateral Lineage and Descendants, Family Groups. In the past I kept it super clean and simple, but this round I have made a multitude of forms to choose from. It really depends on how you want to use them, as to whether they make sense for your project. Such as... the Collateral Lineage sheet is basically your Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, broken into Paternal and Maternal sides, plus a section for Siblings, which is a flexible section. Plus Direct Lineage which is a list of Parents and Grandparents generations, plust also Siblings. A place for page numbers for further reference. I created a Marriage sheet to document unions, and in the event there are multiple marriages, there can be multiple pages. We have the Titled pages as in all the other kits, as it is my favorite thing to do. When you flip through your book you like to see who it is and in what relation they are. We have an Index page, Table of Contents Page, all new is the Timeline pages which start at 1700-2049, and a lined graph for jotting down events and dates. There are two page lined journal note pages with page # lines for reference, Plus each titled relative has a matching "about" page that is titled "Rembembering my ..........".  The Vitals page has all the personal information, but anything that doesn't fit can go on their note page. You can print each page with the note page on the back. Would you believe there is more?!  The only thing that I didn't include is the Titled Stationery/Photo Pages like the other kits. I would like to do that but this kit is getting so huge! It has all the texture you have come to expect from me. There are so many layers to every single little pixle, you want to wonder how I get anything completed! It is STUNNING... I will go whip up a preview to tease you with. .. While I was preparing the tease, I realized I could go as high as 125 pages.  This would be a good time to learn the coupon code generator :D 

I wanted to have this released by tomorrow, but it might be another week before it is ready to list. I am considering 3 listings with links to each, and then a 4th listing that buys it all in a cloud account download. 

Oh... and PS.. there is also a double poster pedigree chart that isn't in this teaser, and it is not quite ready yet, but it will come soon.